I have an old doll and I would buy a new one, is this possible ?

We may, with your old doll in a new breed of your choice, staying in the range of origin.
The amount of this formula is 50% of the price of new.

How to clean the doll ?

With warm water and soap.
If you chose a doll with removable vagina, remove it gently for thorough cleaning, always with hot water and soap.

How to store the doll ?

You can store your doll in a chair, or suspend it using the supplied bracket that attaches to the top of the head.
For cleaning purposes, however, avoid storing it naked and protect it with clothes.

What kind of make uo can I use on my doll ?

You can put make up on your doll using our makeup kits, available in our online store.

What type of clothing can I put on it ?

Prefer stretchy clothes, or can be opened with a zipper or lacing. This will facilitate the dress your doll.
Be very attentive to the quality of the clothes, those which may rub off on silicone, particularly dark colors. It is advisable to wash new clothes several times before use.
Clothes available in our shop have been selected to avoid this problem and to guarantee the right size and the easy dress your doll.

I've damaged my doll, what should I do ?

Please contact our customer service, we will find together the best solution to your problem.

Should I use lubricant with my doll ? Condoms ? Which ones ?

For obvious hygiene and maintenance reasons, the use of lubricant and condoms is more than recommended.
You will find products specially adapted in our online store.

What is the clothes size for my doll ?

On the description of your doll, you will find its measurements, its size clothes, underwear and shoes.
We have selected a range of tailored clothing, available in our shop.