If I give you a picture, can I have a doll with a specific face ?

There are some solutions, please contact us for more informations.

What is the weight of the doll ?

The range and the model chosen can affect the weight of the doll. This variation is due to the amount of silicone used to make it. Our models are entirely hand-made, there can be a weight variation of plus or minus 5% from that indicated.
The X-PRESS range and X-CITE are the lightest.

In which materials is the doll made of ?

We carefully choose the best silicon on the market, both for its breaking strength and for its elongation. It is specifically designed for contact with the skin.
Our dolls are made on the basis of a skeleton made of metal, aluminum and high-strength plastic parts to obtain a set both light and extremely durable. All these parts are fully assembled and adjusted by hand.

Is the doll under guarantee ?

Our dolls are guaranteed 1 year against manufacturing defects.
This warranty excludes impacts, cuts or tears resulting from misuse or improper handling.

Is there an after sales service ? (Customer service)

We have a service that you can contact via phone or email.
For repairs, we recommend to send us photos, so we can advise you on the best procedure to apply.
Whatever the age of your doll, we perform free small repairs or repackaging in our workshop. Only shipping costs to / will be charged.

Why is the price it so high ?

Three elements must be taken in calculating the price of your doll: the quality of the silicone used, the skeleton of the component materials, and finally, the working time to achieve everything.

  • The silicone we use is the best currently available on the market. It contains a large amount of platinum, which gives it exceptional mechanical properties and unequaled by its competitors.
  • The skeleton, it is achieved with various expensive materials such as aluminum, steel as well as high strength plastic parts. All these parts are made of machining and then assembled and adjusted by hand.
  • The necessary manual labor time is an average of four days for each doll.

I would like to see a true before finalizing my purchase. Can I visit the company ?

Some of our dealers have a showroom in which you will appreciate the quality of the dolls.
The visit of the business, for obvious reasons of protection of different manufacturing techniques, is not possible.

How can I pay my doll ?

Two mode of payment are available: by check or bank transfer.
In the case of a payment by check, your doll will be put into production only after the regulatory bank payment confirmation time (that is 3 weeks).

I would like an X-Cite doll but with an X-Tase face, is this possible ?

Our range X-CITE has been developed to reduceto the maximum the production costs, in order to offer you the most attractive price.
Changing the face is therefore not possible.

What can we do as finishes on my doll ?

For the X-TREM, if you want special finishes or changes, we can perhaps achieve them. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Can I have piercings on my doll ?

You can put piercings on your doll, or specify it when ordering. The price varies depending on the selected gem.

I want a doll with original color, is it possible ?

Contact us and together we can define a special color for your doll.

How can I pay from abroad ?

You can pay by secured bank transfer.

Is there a payment facilities ?

We have currently no funding formula.

I have an old doll and I would buy a new one, is this possible ?

We may, with your old doll in a new breed of your choice, staying in the range of origin.
The amount of this formula is 50% of the price of new.

Should I pay taxes and customs fees ?

Duties, taxes and customs fees are your responsibility.

What is the delivery time ?

The average delivery time is 2 weeks. However, depending on our workload, it may be more important, but does not exceed 6 weeks.
The X-PRESS is usually shipped within 48 hours starting from the date of receipt of your payment.
We do not do shipping on Thursday and Friday.

I live on the top floor, there is there a solution for me ?

If you want your doll is mounted on the floor, we simply specify when ordering. However, requiring an extra person to deliver it will cause a variable surcharge depending on your location.

How will the doll be packed ?

Your doll will be shipped on a pallet and wrapped in a discrete cardboard formats studied to be transported and handled optimally.

I would like to buy a doll without orifices, is it possible ?

It is quite possible, notice it while making your order.
Contact us for prior questions.

Can my doll be customized ?

Please contact us, and so we can define together what is feasable to please you.

I just received my package. How do I do ?

Open your box from the top, and then unfold the legs up.
Then raise the carton to your doll sit on the floor and remove the card by sliding it toward the back. Once this is complete, lengthen the doll and then remove the protective film.
If you use a craft knife or scissors to be careful not to touch the silicone with the blades.

What is the Real Life Sensitive Option ?

The Real Life Sensitive option, available on the X-TREME models is a special production process which allows to bring even more sensory realism. With this option the doll will be more flexible and will bring you a more natural presentation. Touch, in the buttocks, thighs and stomach, give you an accurate impression of a real contact with human body.