Silicone Vs Tpe : what's the best ?

If you are looking to buy a doll, you must have many questions looking for answers. The main question often being "What material should i choose for my doll?". 2 solutions are available : TPE and Silicone. But what are the perks of those materials? Which one should you use for your doll?

What are those materials?

Before comparing, let's have a look at those materials :

  • Silicone is mainly composed of Oxygène and Silicon. It is often used for médical, cosmetic and mechanical purposes. It is poured in a cold matter on the foam covering the skeleton.
  • TPE (or Thermoplastic Elastomere) is an oil-related polymere. It possesses strong elasticity and it's state changes regarding of the heat. It is poured hot directly on the skeleton.

What does those materials feel like ?

Now this is probably the most important aspect. The 2 materials are very different regarding the way they feel.

Silicone is by far the most resistant material, it's solid and the foam that covers the skeleton provides a more realistic look to the dolls. Furthermore it is moulded on a foam that prevents the skeleton to tear the silicon. The skeletons on silicone are also often more precise and made with better metals.

TPE has the advantage of being more flexible, making the intercourse more easy. It can also be more enjoyable to the touch. However, the fact that it is mould directly on the skeleton (without any foam) may make the movement of the doll more difficult.

At Dreamdoll : we created RLS (Real Life Sensitive). This option allows you to have a Silicon that feels even better to the touch. That way we can provide the solidity of Silicone with the real-life softness.

What quality to expect ?

There is in both materials many differences of quality. Silicone is usually better in terms of quality but some brands use silicone dilluted with less resisting materials. On the whole, silicone is cleaner and more easy to clean, there is less risk of developping germs.

This problem of quality is one of the main problem of TPE, some brands are willing to use materials of very poor quality to lower the price of their dolls. This results in many problems regarding the dolls they sell. But in general, TPE is more likely to be dirty and it's cleaning is a bit more complicated. You also have to be carefull about bacterias that can grow easier into the material.

At Dreamdoll : we only use DragonSkin, which is the best silicon on the market. It is used for many purposes including medical care. This silicone is one of the reason of our doll's price, to have the best dolls, we have to use the best silicone.